Commons Park

If you hop off the train at Union Station, you can walk several yards to a foot bridge that stretches above the Union tracks below. Directly ahead of the bridge, as you pass the 4 foot granite wall spewing water over its edge, is a piece of land; a collection of raw nature in the middle of a booming urban environment. Some see a park, others an area subject to change everyday by its inhabitants. Cement paths link the park together so you can float amongst the 1/2 mile long strip and the dribbling river on its backside. In the afternoons, the sun wanes strong and harsh, leaving the only place for cover behind the planted ash and poplar trees. Where there was once a barren scape sitting next to a thin creek, now stands a vibrant community: talking and welcoming the average passerby to its soft fields.


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Final Log

(12:48) I stand on the Union Station pedestrian bridge overlooking the west side of the park. The trees have lost most of their leaves, but the spruces stay lush, naturally. The sun hits the open field with full force. I hide by apartment buildings in the shadow. It’s more comfortable here, anyway. (12:54) I step … Continue reading Final Log


A lot of the key issues regarding fracking in America can be distinguished between the effects toward the environment and ozone through constant pollution, and the effects directly toward people’s health. Fracking releases hundreds of harsh chemicals through the Earth and in the process use thousands of gallons of water to separate the natural gasses that … Continue reading FRACKING=DEATH

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